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8 min readJan 4, 2021

I think the title should have read A possible true life story of success. Because this story is set in December 2021. It is the story of a person who by all look of things in Dec. 2020 appears to have no way of succeeding in life without more tough struggles. Well, the story goes.

(The person is Z by name. He is she--all of us, in other words.)

It is harmattan in Lagos and winter in Los Angeles. The cold has frozen many out of eagerness to work. But Z is already up 5 am. It is another convention just as the one he attended a year before. His memories made it feel like last night though. He has dreamt of this day, Dec. 2, 2021. She has been celebrated just a month earlier for passing the hallmark in the society. She could not have imagined it in her wildest dream, and now, she is a speaker to jeer many who are like she was a year before in this year’s convention. 'You can do it, too. If I can do it, if I can live the life of my dreams now, you can as well. There is nothing stopping you really. Only you are holding to your fears and ignorance. No one can stop you if you don’t stop yourself. No one can do it for you as well if you don’t start yourself.' She has visualised saying these lines on the stage to both the young and the old, all of who are wondering what kind of success story is hers. 'Nothing is impossible, really nothing. With God, all things are possible. I tell you. Look at me. I am no different than you all,' he continues.

5:35 am. His routine is taking longer periods now. With more calm as he does gratitude along visualisation. It has been a part of his morning routine for eleven months and he is happier a person with more focus, clarity and strength for his day. The most rewarding part of his visualisaion is not that it has helped his once 'ordinary carpentry' work to do beyond three million dollars in business by November (and now, he has earned over a million dollars cumulative in the year, making him pass the society’s hallmark) but that he has peace of mind for who he has become: his character, attitude, personality, health and self-image. She has brushed her teeth before the routine, and now is time for exercise. She calmly began with rag doll, then butterfly and push aways. Once through with that, she enters her study to review the notes of her speech in the convention. Over 60,000 people in attendance and she is one amongst those who have conveniently achieved something thought of as impossible in her economy. 'The law of polarity says that if something really bad has happened to you, then it is opportunity for something really good; there is no good in this universe without bad, no darkness without the light that can conquer it within it...' She read her words thoughtfully with a colourful note lamp. Who could have imagined that she would not only have fallen in love with good books but would also have kept a vast library of some of the rarest and best works in human history? Here she was on her three acres of land by the outskirts of the city. A glamorous white house with a park for just two cars and a garage for one. The house is a vintage with a nice study. Her dream home within a year? Nothing is impossible, she visualised again.

6:13 am. She has taken her shower, served breakfast for her husband as well as herself. Not only has she used the same secrets of success to find the perfect match but also has she been able to increase his attitude with her own vibes. Now, he is a more determined, courageous and manly person. He showers her love every day. Goodness, this is the divine life everyone wants. The blessing of God, and in her hands so delicately placed. He wants to mentor 1,000 people more to become millionaires like himself. This moment planning that, and the society has given him a great headstart. It is bound to be--we attract what we are in harmony with. He is grateful for the law of vibration once again. The speech he is taking now is just one step towards his new goal, and the society gave it to him without knowing he wants it, needs it for something he is intent on achieving.

6:40 am. He is now recalling how tough it really was from the beginning, the last eleven days of December and the first twenty-two days of January. Not physical tough. Not hard work at all. But this morning routine was strange to him at first. And the toughest thing was thinking what he really wanted, not the opinions and thoughts of other people. This was bit of a challenge for him at first. But it was much easier than the struggles and hard times he was having anyway. So he had continued. Some friends mocked him and they distanced themselves from him, though they envied him and wished they could do what he was doing. 'Why didn’t they?' He asked himself. A line flashed into his mind, 'The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice. It is conformity.' Ray really hit that point. If they had followed him and been on his team, they too would have done close to $1 million now.

7:16 am. In his CLA 250 2020 riding to the venue. A year ago, he was in the frustration of traffic and was tempered as the irritable driver disgusted him. Now, he radiates love. No temper and no one irritates him again. In fact, people find themselves attracted to him. He knows why, and wants to tell this audience so. Then for a moment in that car, he thought. 'What if I had failed to try to make it to the event in 2020? How would this year have been for me? My knowledge, my multimillion dollar business and team, my family, the happiness I have spread. All of that gone like that in a jiffy. I would have been like my old friends. Wow! Just a decision to attend an event, and sticking to that decision rather than seeing reasons why I cannot. How little decisions bring drastically different results. I can’t even have known this life is possible, that this could be my destiny in 2021 if I chose wrong based on my circumstances in 2020. Just as now I can’t know exactly how staying average and frustrated in 2021 would have seemed.'

10:05 am. She mounts the stage. Every one clapped and screamed. She had always wanted to be the reason why a person else believes in himself/herself. And now, she is here. Her dreams have come true. For a moment she was deaf to the clap and shouts. Her memories flocked her mind so strongly. Born in a middle class and thinking that was all of life. Going to school. Learning crocheting. Graduating college with 2’1 and deciding to stick to the average life of her family background. But no one was really doing anything special because of her example. She was not 'successful' although she had what her family would already call success. To spice that was her confusion and frustration at knowing she could be better, do better, but not knowing how. Coming back to the stage from what seemed like an eternal reverie, she saw that true desire within her coming to pass now. 60,000 people looking at and cheering her because they believe they can do more than she has done if she could do it herself. The cheers subsided and she began her speech,

'I was just a year before getting to know the secrets of success which I want to share with you all today. And within that one year, the transformation that has occurred to me cannot be quantified. Money, yes I have abundance of it; and each hour, I still earn over $2,000 dollars. But that is not the real joy. My real joy is knowning that I can lead the life of my dreams and help others do theirs. We are all here for a purpose, for the abundance of life...'


Z is You. Z made the decision to attend ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 in Dec. 2020. She was among the few minority who made it there, although their number was 5,000. A friend invited her by sharing the future story of Z with her. It was just three days to the convention when Z saw the story and she not only found her way to register but also invited her friends, relatives and all people to register. Some ignored. Some mocked. But a few responded like Z did to the call; they came, and working with Z ever since, they are all in the millionaire’s club, Dec. 2021. Those who ignored still tried the old methods they knew in 2021; but putting old wine into new wineskin doesn’t help. Those who mocked, three of them humbly asked Z to show them her secrets. The remaining never showed up and continued to endure their sufferings. Pride is crushing.

Z never knew it, but the plans of ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 was to help him secure the way to true life, abundance and peace of mind--if he is going to at least try. He soon found the penny he cast into the ocean sunk to fetch him gold. It was the single financial capital he would sacrifice for his life, the money he used to buy ENGRAFT for ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021. But he was not told until he had registered and entered into the society.

Are you Z? Or are you others? You can prove to be Z if you have the courage and will in three simple steps to begin your success journey.

1. Register for ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 this way: Buy ENGRAFT at 31% discount from Okadabooks (bit.ly/engraft-okadabooks). (Only for this purpose for you is the book at 31% discount.) Take the receipt from your email and upload it on ENGRAFT Website (https://engraft.life).

2. Join ENGRAFT SOCIETY Slack for your Multimillion dollar Team and Business Space free. Use engraftsociety.slack.com to join.

3. Make more Z’s like you. You don’t wait to become a millionaire before you inspire people. It is you who inspires people, not your millions. So, immediately share the story with friends, relatives and acquaintances immediately. Let them see the Z in them, the dream life, the end which they desire so much. And let them become a part of your success team on ENGRAFT SOCIETY. Give them a chance to prove their sincere desire to be successful in life just as your friend has given you the opportunity.

And Attend ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 so that you become a Z speaker and Z example at ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2022.

Cheers to the new life you have decided upon!



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