A Thousand Years


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7 min readJun 20, 2022

Today’s writing is very spiritual, and I would say based on a song many of us would know. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, yes. For this song is the very depiction of the Promise, the representation of God’s eternal plan. For the Imagination enters a state and animates that state until he has brought the state into who he is, the Lord of Heaven.

Now you open your Bible and you read the generations of Adam, all those men who lived quite agedly. Methuselah who lived the oldest amongst them, it is said that he lived 969 years; he came short of a thousand years. Not one of them lived a thousand years, yet they are the generations of Adam, the generations of Mankind. For the name of Adam means Mankind or Humanity. It is said of them, ‘Adam begot sons and daughters in his image and likeness.’ Well, he lived 930 years. But we find our scholars today taking this to be a secular history of mankind. It is the spiritual history of everyone. What is it all about?

A thousand years is as a day before the Lord. Therefore, the day of the Lord is a thousand years. None in the generations of Adam came to be a thousand years, but the Lord shall reign for a thousand years. And when he has done so, it is a day before his sight. So that without the Lord can no man be made perfect. Now asleep in you, the Lord waits for the day to be over. And to man, it is but the journey of a thousand years. The Imagination awaits his awakening as the sovereign LORD, I AM, within you. And without you, the generation of Adam cannot be made perfect. For the Lord lies asleeps in you. The generation of humanity without you cannot be made perfect, and that is the plan that is unfolding in a Thousand Years. It is just as we have read it, ‘All these having obtained a good testimony through faith did not receive the promise, God having provided something better for us, that they should not be made perfect apart from us.’

So, Christina put it in a song,

‘I have died everyday waiting for you.
Darling, don’t be afraid,
I have loved you for a thousand years.
I’ll love you for a thousand more.’

I heard it, when I first heard this song ten years ago. I heard it as with the feeling of yearning for a loved one external to myself, outside of myself. I watched the movie it was attributed for, Twilight. But the whole thing was not clear unto me, and my teachers taught me in school that it was an exaggeration, because it seemed that Adelere could not have lived a thousand years. But only if we knew how literal and how true. No exaggeration at all, and it is all the drama within.

Could you imagine the Lord asleep? So soundly asleep in order to dream you, and he could not wake up now. Not until the day is over, but a day before the Lord is a thousand years to your vegetable body. Man rationalizes that it is impossible for God to sleep. Why, he rationalizes it because he is not imaginative to see it — his own Imagination who is the Lord of heaven is asleep. Is there anything too difficult for God to do? All scripture tells us that He is asleep, and it is such a profound sleep that it is as though he died. Or how would you put these words?

‘Awake, why do you Sleep, O Lord? Arise [from the dead].’ (Psa 44:23/Eph 5:14)
‘Then the Lord awaked as one out of sleep.’ (Psa. 78:65)

Why do you sleep, O Lord? ‘Because of you, John.’ ‘Because of you, Mary.’ ‘Because of you, Smith.’ He has loved you for a thousand years, asleep for a thousand years and dreaming you into being. His purpose is simple. Dying everyday waiting for the day you would come alive, and realise that you are He. When you would believe that ‘I AM HE.’ There is no another, and there has been no another.

Now we take this dream and all the suffering in it. But to suffer these things is to experience humanity. It is imperfect, all the generations of Adam lived and fell short of a thousand years. But the second Adam, the Lord from heaven (and heaven is within), he brings it all to perfection. So, we take the experience of humanity and want to escape from it now. Yet, it is the purpose of God to wait for us until we realise that we willingly took the sleep and dreamt, that I willingly entered the play to act as Adelere. Yet, I Am the one in infinite power that subjected Adelere to the experience of humanity until I wake up not without Adelere but WITHIN Adelere. Until he wakes and realises I AM He. But how could he truly have loved you if he woke up now? If, knowing that you would vanish like all these men — like Enoch, he vanished! He didn’t die, but the LORD DIED!

‘I lay down my life for my sheep.’ (John 10:15)
‘Unless I die, thou canst not live. But if I die, I shall arise again and thou with me.’ (Blake)

So, Enoch vanished, and all these men, they are not made perfect except by you, whoever you might be and whatever you might have experienced; all your human weaknesses and all your human feats. Should he try to wake before you awaken in your Imagination as Himself, how could he have loved you knowing you would vanish as though you never existed?

You read it in that Biblical poetry, as every great artist ever said it. ‘Stir up yourself and awake to my cause, my God and my Lord.’ (Psa. 35:23) He is asked to stir up himself and awake, but he is not asleep? He is dreaming now! Adam slept a profound sleep, a deep sleep where he dreamt his emanation coming out of himself, and he wasn’t said to have woken.

Christina Perri puts it, and it is literally true! A thousand years must be complete, and it is a day to the depth of your being, the day of the Lord. But he has worn garments of you over the years, in various sections of time. Dreaming consistently that he is you, until you awake and you realise that you are he. This is the mystery without controversy, ‘God became flesh.’ (1 Tim. 3:16)

‘How to be brave?
How can I love when I’m afraid to fall?
But watching you stand alone,
All of my doubt
Suddenly goes away somehow’

Well, the LORD is brave, and his name is I AM. That is my name forever, and he fell into dream called humanity in order bring Adelere out of the dream, and he shall be Adelere, yet he shall be the Lord. ‘We know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.’ (1 John 3:2) He was not afraid to fall, and therefore he loves. For while he went to sleep willingly, only love could have brought this to be. Such infinite love and it is indescribable, not narratable! Watching you, he fell in love. Literally FELL into the dream to fuse with you and experience as you. Now, God experiences all that you experience, for you cannot experience poverty and say, ‘She is poor.’ You would say, ‘I Am poor.’ That is God’s name everywhere and everytime. You cannot experience wealth and say, ‘He is rich.’ You would say, ‘I Am rich.’ And that is God!

Now in this dream, and you will call it a waking state because you actively use your senses. You perceive the world around you, and you experience everything in it. But it is a dream, vivid as it seems, all a dream that the Lord asleep has fallen into. For he stood from above (and that is from within you), watching the state of your humanity stand alone, he suddenly fused with it. So, he experiences earth as you in order that when the thousand years are complete, you will experience heaven as him. But while here in this dream, you too can change it.

We are told to ‘Be imitators of God as dear children.’ Well, I would imitate God, but what did he do? What am I to imitate? ‘Walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us.’ Now, that is what I am to imitate! Is there something I want in this world? Anything that it might be, do I want it?

It stands alone, and I watch it. I watch the state of wealth, but could all of my doubt suddenly go away somehow?! Yes, if I would love it to the point of completely giving myself for it. Could I fuse into the state called wealth or the state called health so completely as to be one with it? That the state is no longer independent of me, but animated by me? Could I consume myself with the dream of affluence? The dream of marriage? The dream of adventure? The dream of fame? I could, because this is a dream and I AM the dreamer.

So, the same way that Adelere came to be is the same way that riches would come to be in Adelere’s life, or friendships, or health. The same way that John came to be is the way that John could bring all to be. The same way that Alice came to be is the way Alice could bring all to be. For there is only one way, and I AM the way.

But all my doubt must go away as I sleep tonight dreaming that I Am rich, I Am friendly with passionate friendships, I am perfect health. And I would not wake from that dream, for that is doubt! And it would vanish as though it never were if I woke. So, I would not wake from that dream, seeing and believing myself every time and everywhere to be rich, friendly and healthy until that state awakes with me, until I feel myself to truly have been it and only it.

While your journey of a thousand miles is ongoing and it would come to its end, your journey of a thousand years through the state called humanity. As it unfolds, pick anything you could wish for and fuse with it. Dream that you are being it. Mentally wear the attitude of possessing it. Experience the state until it experiences you, and you can do it for anything in this world. For to your imagination, all things are possible!



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