A Lesson from Your First Ten Seconds on Earth

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4 min readJun 21, 2021

Let’s say I’m really good at guessing, and I want to prove it. Would my guess that you are breathing — inhaling and exhaling right now — count? Of course, I’m quite good at guessing. Haha. Well, I just guessed that you are breathing now. I think it’s fantastic too! I have more to share with you anyway.

This is the fun part of life. Take your hand to your chest for five to ten seconds and feel your heart beating. Can you sense it? I want to congratulate you for taking the highest risk anyone could ever have conceived. It’s called breathing. You’re probably wondering how that is a risk now. So, I’ll tell you.

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When you left the cozy, warm and dark environment that your body first grew up in, that’s your mom’s womb, you literally did not breathe. Yes, you did not breathe in the first second you spent after being born. Nor did you in the second seconds. You had never breathed a breath. You didn’t know what it’s like; you never needed your lungs and heart to do all this tremendous work you now do. You had not felt what it’s like for your heart to beat or for breath to be breathed. Five seconds on earth, I mean five good seconds on earth. Enough time to say, ‘Hello’, receive ‘Hi’ and ‘How are you?’ You still had never breathed your first!

Well, within your first ten seconds, you finally breathed and, although it was irregular, it was a successful breath and that’s why you’re still here. Indeed, you had episodes of periodic breathing, where you’d have breathing pauses at times up to ten seconds. My friend, you were still learning how to breathe. This could carry on for days; in fact, it did for weeks. Remember we’re only talking about something that had happened to you and what you did many years ago — precisely when you were born.

You took the greatest risks of all in those ten seconds. You breathed! You breathed! I mean regardless of the noise, the sudden change of environment, the ache your body had through the delivery process (yes, babies feel a little delivery pains during labour), the possibilities of meeting a new harsh world or a beautiful receptive home, regardless of the endless possible events that you can recall some of them to be your memories now; you took your greatest risk in life by breathing within your first ten seconds on this planet.

You took your greatest risk in life by breathing within your first ten seconds on this planet. If you asked me, there’s nothing impossible to you. You can learn anything, become whoever you choose, do whatever you decide and have whatever you want in life! So, I’d ask you, ‘Is there something that’s really impossible to you?’

All the rewards of your life so far has come from taking that very first breath. It was a major risk; probably the only thing worth calling risk at all. The rest of the risks you take in life have all been smaller risks — they are risks made possible because you’re still breathing. See? I made a smart guess at the beginning; you are breathing.

Show yourself how priceless the rewards that have come to you from this risk are. Think of the most important person to you. Think of the best moments of your life. Think of some sad parts that later on made you stronger, more purpose-driven — maybe they didn’t even make sense until one, two or eleven years later. What would you trade all your life’s experiences for? Let me guess again: nothing! They must have been priceless. That’s what that one biggest risk of all had brought you: the biggest rewards of life.

Now that you’re already breathing, no risk is greater that you may take in life, Friend. Take risks again and again. That was the first thing you did when you were born. That’s why you’re still standing — you’re still taking that breath. Take risks with the full awareness that you are going to be richly rewarded. Richly!

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