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Adelere Adesina 👑
4 min readJun 8, 2022


I just read a Lesson in Scripture, and boy was it a lesson-full lecture of Neville!

‘The story of Jesus is a complete and undeviating persistence in the assumption that you are what you want to be,’ said Neville in this lecture.

I believe Neville is a teacher who lived thoroughly by example and taught by experience. That is, he taught what he did and used. Clearly, he left this world as a millionaire, and you’d find him mention it in this lesson from 1967. This was one of the factors that attracted me to him initially, the point that he had a net worth that exceeded a million dollars before he left this age. When I first came across Neville, I was interested in the huge money more than I was in the power of assumptions. So, if he wasn’t a millionaire, I mightn’t have continued studying him in the earliest days.

Today, I am grateful that I study and practice the law of assumption because it has worked unnumbered times for me. I have proved by my own experience that my Imagination is the one and only God, and to Him must man call. I went to my Barbados and came back, yes! I am grateful Neville was the Abdullah of the time when I was going to my Barbados to die to the gods of tradition so I could live to the God of experience.

In Matthew 15:7, He was responding to a question and said, ‘But in vain they worship me, teaching as doctrines the traditions of men.’

Well, it is either we live by traditions of men or commit the true worship. The true worship is simply enumerated in John 4:23–24.

‘But the hour is coming and is now here, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. God is spirit and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.’

So, the story of Jesus is persistent assumption that you now are who you would like to be, and you now have what you would like to possess.

If you do not understand how this can be, that is okay. That is the state of the one who conquers the people, that is Nicodemus (John 3). A teacher of Israel, and he has conquered the Jews (a ruler of the Jews, vs 1). Yet, he did not know how these things can be, so he asked. ‘How can these things be?’ (vs 9) He was looking for and looking at the signs. Thus, he conquered people, himself he has yet to conquer. Approaching the imagination at night, at the hour of stillness, he said, ‘I know you are a teacher come from God for no one can do these signs that you do unless God is with him.’ So, he was watching out for the signs to admit the truth. But if truth were in signs, faith would be analysis. So, he couldn’t rationalize the fundamental process of faith: to be born again.

Every man is going to be Nicodemus someday, when he is ready for the awareness of truth. He is a teacher of earthly things — wise in earthly judgement, but even after looking at the earthly signs, he couldn’t comprehend how the promise could be literally true: That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the spirit is spirit.’

So, he could analyse the signs. I speak of your rational mind, he could analyse the signs and the shocking conclusion he would find is that ‘he could not have brought it to be of himself, in spite of his earthly wisdom.’ So, if it happened as it did, it is come from God. Unless that, ‘How can these things be?’ Truly, there is no how.

Therefore, the story of Jesus is persistent assumption. Jesus answered and said, ‘We speak of what we know and bear witness to what we have seen but you do not receive our testimony.’ That is persistent assumption. You want something in this world, whatever it is; name it! Just call its name. Money, peace, a loving marriage, a prosperous business. Whatever it might be, name it. Then KNOW that it Is yours. see it and bear witness. Don’t just visualise what you want; enter the scene and be an active participant. Then even if your objective mind would not accept the testimony on this level of consciousness, you don’t let it go. He did not change the message because Nicodemus, the conqueror of people, would not receive it. He persisted in the Idea until he completed it.

You would like to feed on green pastures by still waters? ‘You can if you will persistently assume, “I am well fed, I am wanted for the world’s good, I am known and everything is as I want it to be. But remember: to bring all these things into being, there must be a persistent assumption. That’s the story of Jesus.’ (The lecture)

I am certain that if you would put it to the test, even though your rational mind cannot comprehend nor accept how Only Persistent Assumption will make the fact of your wish realized, if you will persistently assume in your imagination, you will realise each and every one of your desires. But each and every one of your desires. So, try it and make the transition from a god of tradition to the God of experience.



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